Lion Tower today

Jacqueline Akiki’s expectations
Professionally and diplomatically
I think you are entering a difficult month financially, save as much as you can or pay some dues for later, try to draw lessons from your mistakes
Emotionally and socially
The good of your heart plays a role in rebuilding the bridges of relationship with the partner, but it is advisable to clarify things for a better tomorrow .. The ball in your stadium today to communicate and try to change and to surround the love and care
Do not neglect your health in the care of those who represent the source of love and support, eating food cooked at home to avoid any source of infection.

Maggie’s expectations of joy for man

You have many things to do, dear Assad, and focus on your work intensively, because you have some important things, try to form a new network of relationships and turned to what is going on around you may create fierce competition for you to take action and move forward in your life
Maggie’s joy for women

Try to stay as you are, independent, quiet and flexible, in this way you will be able to prevent yourself from getting involved in anything, your energy will not last forever, you’ll use it well, and you will finish most of your tasks today. You have to be careful, you may get into a bad situation today because of your nervousness and your emotions. Try to solve your problems and do not be afraid of failure.